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Rwanda Gorilla Families

Rwanda Gorilla Families

Rwanda is a beautiful country in East Africa with so much to offer and well known for mountain gorillas living in Volcanoes National Park. The 160 square kilometer park is covered in forest mostly bamboo, thick vegetation and marshy swampy areas. Most of it is occupied by 5 volcanic mountains, apart of the 8 series of the great virunga volcanic region. Explore Rwanda Gorilla Families in Volcanoes National Park when you visit Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking. The park is a gorilla destination and was made more famous by the American primatologist Dian Fossey who carried out her research at the Karisoke Research Center. Most of her great work was featured in the movie “Gorillas in the Mist”.

Mountain gorillas live in families of up to 20 members composed of black backs, juveniles, silverback, and babies. The Rwanda Gorilla Families are led through by a male silverback who portrays dominance of the rest of the  group. He has the responsibility to take care of his family. They do not feed in one location reason for them to keep moving from one place to another, feeding on plants, roots, mushrooms, and other forest feeds.

Rwanda Gorilla Families

There are about 12 habituated Rwanda Gorilla Families in the conservation area and these include;

Susa Gorilla Family has about 20 members and was the largest of the gorilla families which split into 2 due to dominance issues. It’s name is derived from the river Susa around which they loved to hang and feed. The group was studied by the American primatologist Dian Fossey. It is the one group that had twins and on naming, there was fame and shine in the family.

Amahoro Gorilla Family is comprised of 17 members. Their group name means peace traditionally. Its silverback is known to be the most peaceful of all the leaders in the gorilla family. The gorilla family is hectic to track because they live a bit further compared to other gorilla families. However most travellers who do this group come back with rewarding experiences of the forest.

Bwengye Gorilla Family has family members who have witnessed so many challenges. They are 11 individuals. This particular group enjoys living around the slopes of Karisoke near the research center. The trek to find this family is 2-3 hours to find them passing through the slopes and valleys of the forest.

Rwanda Gorilla Groups

Hiirwa Gorilla Family is a large gorilla group with combined members. The name traditionally means lucky. They are lucky indeed, the group has 9 members the dominant silverback is very protective towards its family members.

Kwitonda Gorilla Family is one which shifted from the Virunga volcanic region, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their traditional name simply means humble and they live deep within the forest much further than other gorilla families.

Sabyinyo Gorilla Family is made up of 8 gorilla members led by Guhonda – the biggest male silverback. This one is among the easiest gorilla groups to track. They are entertaining living around the Sabyinyo Mountain.

Ugenda Gorilla Family has 11 members in total and is so mobile and always challenging to trek as the members are most times on the move. Their name is typically based on their characteristic of moving around.

Umubano Gorilla Family comprises 11 members. These were separated from the Amahoro gorilla family after a fight. They split forming 2 groups and each one took one of the giant silverbacks.

Trekking mountain gorillas is done all throughout the year but best during the dry season.

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