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A city tour of Kigali is one of the best things to do in Rwanda, a landlocked country in East Africa known for its incredible character. The endless rolling hills are the biggest highlight of any visit to the city, and you can feel the fresh air from the moment you arrive at Kigali International Airport. It is one of the cleanest cities in Africa’s history. The Kigali City Tour gives you a glimpse into this vibrant and great vibrant city as well as the historical events of this country’s past.

Kigali is a new city in central Rwanda, spanning several hills and valleys. Founded in 1907, it became independent in 1962 because it is a dynamic and vibrant city of about one million people, many of whom are so friendly. Most travelers who set foot in the country have seen the city continue to expand under its colonial rulers. A breathtakingly beautiful time. Kigali is the commercial center of the country and also has political institutions.

Kigali City Tour

This tour showcases the rich culture of the Rwandan people. It is an overnight stay that offers the perfect combination not to be missed when planning an African safari to Rwanda. One of the places not to be missed is the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. Here, more than 250,000 people died as a result of the 1994 tribal war, and many more died in the crisis, including women and children.

There is a long and notable history between her two ethnic groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi, one of which is believed to be due to the continued oppression of the Tutsi, which led to most of the tribe People migrated to other neighboring countries, especially Burundi. immigrated.

Visit Mount Kigali. This is the only hill named after the city. It’s not a mountain per se, but it’s the highest hill in the city. The highest point offers a bird’s eye view of the city and most of the city. You can also grab a bite to eat at one of the hilltop restaurants or arrange a horseback safari. The National Museum of Rwanda (formerly known as Kant House) is a place where you can learn about Rwanda’s history and colonization era. He is one of the oldest buildings in Rwanda. The Presidential Museum was the former Rwandan president’s parliament building. A tour of the museum revolves around President Habyarimana, who started the right-wing war after his plane was shot down in 1994.

Taste Rwandan cuisine with a visit to the city’s local markets and taste locally made dishes. There is a wide variety of other dishes that are always available for lunch or dinner. Kimironko’s local market has all the local produce, spices, herbs, salt and other cooking supplies.

Other places of interest include religious centers such as the Nyamata Church, where most of the victims who took refuge in this church were killed. Inside the church there appears to be a huge tomb with dried bones and skulls, including bloody clothes, intact from the war. The city center has accommodation such as the Hotel des Mille Collines, where you can enjoy an authentic meal after a day trip into the city.

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