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Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda takes place in the Volcanoes National Park along the great Virunga volcanic region. They are endemic species of this area zone and have been listed to be critically endangered. A conservation area is a known place for mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. These rare residents roam freely within the national park without being captivated, doing this activity will give you some of the most thrilling experiences on an African tour safari.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Golden monkeys are colored in golden brown and black, are rare, beautiful, and can be easily recognized. The outstanding nostril on their faces gives these primates an outstanding look from other primates. The monkeys live in groups of up to 100 monkeys. These monkeys are scientifically known as Cercopithecus mitis Kandi. The golden monkey is named after the way it looks. Their long tail gives them a distinguished beautiful look which perfectly describes the true meaning of looking good! They are herbivorous feeding over 20 plant species, the most notable is the bamboo these primates spend most of their time feeding g on the young bamboo shoots and leaves.

The primate species are more polygamous a male one can be in a position to meet with up to five females, young golden monkeys are under the care of their parents up to the age of 2 years. They are social in Behaviour and enjoy living in groups, they love the comfort and living in groups of four in each territory of the thick bamboo area. Tracking golden monkeys is way less tiring than doing the gorilla trekking exercise, you will be taken to the park center for a morning briefing after which you will proceed with an experienced game ranger together with the guests into the forested area zones in search of primates. It takes 2-3 hours doing this activity. Enroute it is important to look out for other animal species and also get soaked into what the wilderness has to offer.

The trekking permits for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda go for 100USD, and the age minimum for doing this activity is 6 years old. To enjoy the forest, it is important to note the following; avoid the use of flash photography. The primates are very fast so it is important to set a camera if you must take pictures when you meet them. Carry packed lunch and bottled drinking water, insect sides, raincoats, and waterproof covers for Phones and Cameras, and any other items of personal nature.

Other park activities to do include the gorilla trekking experience. Volcanoes National Park is a known home to mountain gorillas which can be trekked while in the forest. It is a thrilling experience of a lifetime. The park can be accessed all year round. This is the only close national conservation area to the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali.

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