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Karenge Bush Camp is beautifully placed in Akagera National Park and is an amazing place to be while on an African safari. Akagera National Park is a rich biodiverse ecosystem with so much to see. Previously, the conservation area suffered from poachers and land farmers but thanks to the Rwandan Development Board, the park was protected, re introduced animals like the rhinos and lions which restored the glory of the conservation area.

Karenge Bush Camp

The name Karenge means Small Footprint in the Kinyarwanda. The camp has been nicknamed seasonal because it is open for some months of the year while others it is not. The lodge tents and camps accommodate a maximum of only 12 visitors. The camp has got cozy camping beds, an outdoor African style bathroom, camping chairs, reed mats, warm water is provided on daily for guests. Tents have clean and spacious bedding. It is the best place to stay more so for budget travelers.

Karenge Bush Camp offers different services. The restaurant serves delicious food delicacies to travelers and these are prepared by well-trained staff members. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which can be served any where including the bush center. The well-stocked bar at the restaurant offers drinks including beers, teas, coffees, juices, and cocktails. Take a sip at the balcony while enjoying the views of the expanse of nature. The craft shop at the premises will offer African-style gifts including shoes, safari essentials, and any other you may need during the game drives.

Park activities include game drives in Akagera National Park where you might spot a good number of animals including; impalas, hippos, buffaloes, giraffes, oribi, elephants, crocodiles, sitatunga, lions, zebras, waterbucks, elands among other animal species. Wildlife game drives in Akagera are done in 4×4 wheel car drives boasting open rooftops with provisions to take the best pictures of the wilderness.

Akagera has hundreds of bird species best spotted on a boat cruise along Lake Ihema. Popular birds include marabou stock, pelicans, egrets, crowned cranes, African fish eagles.

The park is accessible all year round but best during the dry seasons of December to mid-February and June to mid-September. In these months, Akagera National Park has sparse vegetation and animals gather to graze hence easy to spot. However, each season has its beautiful times and a view of the park in a different way. The wet season gives the conservation area angelic green views although seeing wildlife needs a lot of patience during this time. Remember to carry hiking boots, light long-sleeved shirts and trousers, insect repellents, and any other items of personal nature.

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