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Kigali Serena Hotel is a luxury facility in the heart of Rwanda, situated in the buzzing capital in the city center. This great place is inspired by local cuisines and international foods. The hotel is built around the polished granite atrium which boasts Rwanda’s signature culture. The hotel main area is comprised of an executive lounge and bar which opens to a beautiful newly refurbished swimming pool. Kigali Serena Hotel has good access to the international airport and Rwanda’s stop tourism attractions. The hotel is everything you would require from a Serena facility. It is spacious and beautiful with a large interior well thought to meet the standard.

Kigali Serena Hotel

The international chain of hotels covers a wide range of facilities. It is a very large property having many rooms. There are approximately 150 rooms of the hotel and the interior highlights an African concept in the making. Most of these rooms have been refurbished and fitted with dressing mirrors, hairdressers, WiFi, bathroom and more. The several amenities of the hotel include; daily child care services, treatment room, spa services, delicious cocktails and more.

Visiting Kigali allows you to experience different sets ups of the city and what Rwanda offers at large, while at Kigali Serena Hotel one can choose to indulge in the Kigali City Tour, which will give you a chance to experience the great monuments of the country, historical back view. You will visit the local community, visit Kigali Genocide Memorial, showing a tough time of 1994 where there were massive killings of the people of Rwanda. You will be mesmerized by how many lost their lives from the tribal war that sparked off due to several differences. Visit Rwanda cultural museums to experience the old history and architectural finding of the beautiful country. Enjoy the night life of Rwanda.

Discover beyond the city, visit the home of mountain gorillas at Volcanoes National Park. It is a whole gem of life. These primates best describe Rwanda and the experience of the state is amazing. Mountain gorillas are a subspecies of the Eastern gorillas. They are tracked beginning at 8:00 am, through the thickly forested bamboo area through many hills of the great virunga region. Visit Akagera National Park for a great savannah moment it is one of a kind. The re-introduction of lions in the park has made it extreme and a chace to see all the top big five of the wilderness.

Rwanda can be visited any time throughout the year and it should be noted that to have an easy entrance into the country one needs to have proper documents. They need to have a valid passport, a copy of their yellow fever vaccination cards, and a visa document this can be applied online or got upon arrival if you are for tourism purposes you need a travel itinerary made by your safari expert.

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