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Hôtel Chez Lando is situated in the heart of a busy suburb of Rwanda in Kigali City. The hotel represents a good sense of home away from home, greenly, and the most hospitable people you can find in the country. The staff goes an extra mile to ensure that guests are having the best of their time in the country. The environment is fresh, vibrant and reconciling the memories. While at the hotel you will experience the traditional kind of service which is offered to most travelers. They cater for the smallest detail of guest stay and the hotel has a beautiful view of the city. The founders Lando and Hellen Pinsky did a great job in the careful thought of the architectural design of the hotel. It has a style that pays special tribute to the founders.

Hôtel Chez Lando

Hôtel Chez Lando offers a total of 103 rooms available for visitor stay. Locals and international travellers can visit anytime and you will have a feeling of the best experience in a home away from home.  It is a fuse of colour and culture and it is filled with simplicity and the warmest hospitality around town. There are special enjoyment moments at the hotel. The intimacy of the facility brings return guests who have played a key role in maintaining the staff and management crew. These have overtime renewed to stay at the hotel. Each of the rooms is fitted with a private patio and beautiful views of the gardens. The bungalow-style villas are perfectly modified to meet modernity. They are self-contained rooms with an ensuite bathroom featuring a flush toilet.

The main lodge area has spectacular views of the rolling hills of Kigali as a city and the surrounding beauty of the environment. The 2 restaurants offer an explicit food routine serving to altercate and buffet to travellers and meals are ranging from starters to desert. These are so amazing in the way that you have a wide variety. The business center offers printing services and an internet connection. Hôtel Chez Lando offers several services including the free shuttles to and from the airport for hotel guests, WiFi, swimming pool to mention a few.

Hôtel Chez Lando has opened its new restaurant with a terrace, and the architecture of the new environment blends so perfectly. It is stylish and so modern, matching the new orderly face of Rwanda. It was created to provide a beautiful environment where people can meet for their social and economic events, meetings. This is the best place to stay while in the capital of Rwanda. This hotel was partially destroyed during the Rwanda genocide but was rebuilt on takeover from close relatives. The common activities that can be done during your stay at the lodge include visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a place where massive killings happened in 1994, visiting the Rwanda cultural museum, visit local markets, taste Rwandan cuisines, enjoy the city nightlife. Other activities include visiting the Volcanoes National Park for golden monkey tracking, mountain gorilla trekking, and visiting the Nyungwe Forest National Park, for chimpanzee tracking.

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