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Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge is beautifully situated near Volcanoes National Park at the Kiningi headquarters. The lodge theme is that they believe in a comfortable journey more so if one must come to the African destination. It is an angelic place of surprise to their guests, and the warm welcoming smile is everything one can ever ask for on an African Safari. The lodge amazingly strives to find ways of an eco-friendly lodge. This includes reaching out to the community to support both environmental and educational programs.

Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge

Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge offers the best kind of service on a visit to Volcanoes National Park. Accommodation is rated best for travellers that reach out to this destination. The lodge offers standard rooms, deluxe rooms and VIP Cottages. They are focused on minimizing the impact on environment. The eco-friendly resort is one of the best places to stay while at Volcanoes National Park. They support the community through purchase of local products, support educational programs and go an extra mile of employing form the community.

They offer the best bikes in the land if a thousand hills more so when you intend to explore the Congo Nile Trail. The lodge offers classic rooms, standard and deluxe facilities, these have been fitted with ensuite bathrooms, flush toilets, flat screen television, reading tables and toiletries available for guest use. The main lodge area serves meals from breakfast to dinner. These are arranged and can be ordered from the set menu organized by the onsite chefs. The bar offers a variety of drinks, beers, wines, and spirits, name it all.

While visiting Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge, you will meet the country’s beautiful welcoming people. A trip to the destination begins in Kigali. One can choose to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial. It is a great memory place to remember many Rwandan people who lost their lives during the genocide time.

The beautiful lodge offers accommodation comfortable to travellers visiting Volcanoes National Park with a high Bio-diversity of plant and tree species. The major creatures of the forest are the critically endangered mountain gorillas living in the national park. They feed on roots, leaves and fruits from the park’s many trees and bamboo, together with troops of golden monkeys amongst primate species in this ecosystem. Different kinds of mammals are present, together with a variety of bird species. It is part of the series of Virunga Mountains covering the Rwandan part that extends to the protected areas of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It hosts five of the eight Virunga series. A research center for the American primatologist, Dian Fossey who was so passionate about conservation of the mountain gorilla (gorilla belingei belingei) and her works are still preserved to-date.

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